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Software Re-engineering

Voynex's software reengineering skills can be divided to the following categories:

  • Configuration management
  • Monitoring/evaluation
  • Redesign
  • Code production/analysis
  • Verification/validation
  • Testing/integration
  • Documentation

We have built a re-engineering workbench, which is a versatile collection of software tools to TRANSFORM and revitalize legacy systems into today's technology. Kore of our workbench consists of the following tools:

  • visualization tool for compiler graphs (VCG)
  • Graphviz
  • DMM c++ parser
  • The Grammatical Framework (GF)
  • DB-Main
  • GJ/Pizza
  • Portable Book Shelf (PBS) toolkit
  • Rigi toolkit
  • SCG P.U.R.E.
  • Scitools
  • SNiFF+
  • JFactor
  • CodeSurfer
  • FORESYS Restructurer
  • Rational Rose
  • Clone Doctor

This workbench, combined with our in-house experience and skills, helps overcome specific design and complexity problems that are encountered during these future proofing activities.

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