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Dedicated Hosting

Hosting Services

Voynex's dedicated Windows Servers were assembled from the ground up to provide an ultra-stable platform for your J2EE or .NET applications. Designed for businesses with the most demanding e-business applications, these dedicated server plans offer exceptional performance and scalability. The combination of server motherboards with dual core or quad core processors, high-speed hard disk plus plenty of memory and bandwidth ensures that high traffic and multiple complex applications will not slow you down.

Typical Servers Configurations

Available configurations

Your server will run one of the following operation systems:

  • Linux
    • Red Hat 9 FREE
    • Fedora Core 1, 2, 3 FREE
    • Debian 3.0r2 FREE
    • Suse FREE
    • Gentoo FREE
  • BSD
    • FreeBSD 4.9, 5.3 FREE
    • OpenBSD 3.6 FREE
  • Windows 2003 Server
    • Web Edition + $15 /mo.
    • Standard + $20 /mo.
    • Enterprise + $30 /mo.
  • Windows 2008 Server
    • Web Edition + $20 /mo.
    • Standard Edition + $24 /mo.
    • Enterprise Edition + $34 /mo.

Web-based control panels

  • Linux
    • Webmin FREE
    • Plesk 7.5 Reloaded 10 domain license + $99 setup
    • cPanel + $40 /mo.
  • Windows
    • Plesk 7.5 Reloaded 10 domain license + $99 setup
    • Helm + $25 /mo.


One-time setup fee is required for hardware and software installation. For every new customer company's system administrator will

  • Install one of Microsoft Windows OS from the list above
  • Apply latest service pack and hot fixes
  • Configure server to run more securely
  • Disable unnecessary services
  • Lock down IIS
  • Install FrontPage Server Extensions (On Request)
  • Install .Net Framework (On Request)

Additional hardware, software and custom installations available upon request. Setup time depends on hardware and software requested and usually takes 1 business day. Contact Us with your requirements.

Hardware Management

Hardware management services are supplied to all our clients

Hardware management includes
  • Power for hardware
  • Computer reboots
  • Hardware maintenance

Our data center include UPS, Backup Generator, HVAC, Temperature, Humidity, Security and Fire Threat systems. We watch your server's hardware and network connection 24 hours a day seven days a week to insure 100% reliability. We will notify you via e-mail or instant messenger (ICQ, AIM, MSN) if anything should occur. We also monitor your applications to insure your applications are up and running.

Full Management

Full management costs $50/month and includes 24/7/365 support of hardware, software, security, IP network, and loaded applications. Full management covers maintenance of your system up to the application level. Software support services include:

  • Application of standard operating system patches routinely
  • Pro-active monitoring of server event log
  • Start/stop/restart of standard services and any control panel installed on the server
  • Resources monitoring and termination of any processes using too much memory and/or CPU after a set time
  • Installation of SSL certificates
  • PHP re-compilation. Needed when additional PHP modules are required, such as Mcrypt, XSLT and cURL with SSL support
  • Software upgrades on your server
  • Setup and configuration of DNS services, includes installation of additional IP addresses
  • Firewall installation. Includes configuration of iptables/ipchains.

The following software will be configured upon request:

  • Windows Media Encoder (WME) 9 Series
  • Windows Media Services (WMS) 9 Series
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Control Panel (Helm, cPanel)
  • Microsoft SQL Server


Dedicated server fees are paid monthly. A substantial discount is available for prepayment. The dedicated server contract is executed on a month to month basis. The client may end the contract at the end of any billing cycle.

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