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Software Re-engineering

Software Re-engineering Services

Software re-engineering can be limited or far-reaching. Whether it concerns small unknown application or complex and well-documented ones, software re-engineering relies on skills and information.

Voynex offers the widest range of legacy systems re-engineering services including platform porting, language migration and complete system redevelopment. Our re-engineering methods can provide migration from one environment to another, reverse engineering, and application re-hosting. Your expansion challenges are addressed, while preserving all of your established business practices incorporated into the old system.

Our Application Re-engineering services include the following:

  • Web enabling services
  • Version upgrade services
  • Language migration
  • Functionality upgrades
  • Porting or migration
  • Technology extensions

Knowing when to re-engineer is key to helping managers make decisions that are cost effective and beneficial to reaching their organizational goals. Voynex experts can perform a research work to develop re-engineering strategy and analyze its cost effectiveness. Then we provide you with a comprehensive expert report, the final argument for taking the right project decision.

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