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Software Development

Software Development Services

Software Development is Voynex's core service area. This is what we do best, and work constantly to be better at. Enabled by indigenously developed applications, an experienced and skilled pool of engineers, Voynex's software development services span the entire gamut of system lifecycle. Software projects we have accomplished give us forces, abilities and understanding in working out a solution for you in beauty and fashion with necessary application strength.

If you can find an off-the-shelf software package that will do at least 80-90% of what you want and you are willing to bend your business practices to fit the requirements of the package, then it may be the best solution for your business. It is usually more cost effective (roughly 25% of the cost of custom software) and it's easier to buy.

For many businesses, however, off-the-shelf software is not appropriate. It is common for businesses to discover that their off-the-shelf package will not always provide the information and capabilities that they need to effectively run their business. It is often hard to locate the right package (or even any package) and you must wait months or years for the manufacturer to make updates that you need yesterday.

An investment in custom software can be an investment in the future of your business. If you have a clear idea of what you need to be more productive, to generate more sales or to make your company more efficient, then custom software provides an avenue for realizing your goals. As you come up with new ideas or as your business changes, the software can be adapted to the new situation. As your business grows, your software can grow with it.

Our software development division has the ability to create a seamless, integrated solution for each stage of the application development lifecycle:

  • Requirements Management
  • Analysis & Design
  • Code & Content Development and Management
  • Installation & Configuration Management
  • Application Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Software Asset Management
  • Metadata Management
  • Changes Management

From simple Desktop Productivity applications to complex Enterprise systems, Voynex's IT experts can analyze your business needs and deliver optimal solutions. We can assist with both 3rd Party and Custom systems, adapting our approach to the unique aspects your organization requires.

Customize systems specifically to your business and technology needs. Voynex can create robust, multi-user, transactional software applications using the precise technologies needed for your circumstances. We strive to deliver solutions which can scale to the growth of your business.

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