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Design services

Image is everything and we understand that an online corporate identity is a very important in your business's success. We will ensure that your existing corporate identity will not be compromised on the Web. Do not have an "online business strategy" yet? Speak with our design department.

Our designers can provide you with complex services in a wide range of print and web media. We put all our efforts on design that passionately and credibly sells your products and services. Our Design team consists of specialists in Information Architecture, Visual Design, Web Production and Usability Engineering. Our leading specialists have whopping experience in different design tools and equipment.

In order to make the appropriate design that will match your and only your company with all its distinctive features and exclusive identity, we should learn more about your company and your requirements. Everything you intend to realize is important to us.

At Voynex, we believe in good, clean design, and our award-winning graphic design artists have an abundance of talent at your disposal. We will never sacrifice functionality over form. Our design team makes it a point to avoid "over-designing" web sites in the interest of useability and functionality.

It is our business to take in trends and understand consumer motivation on an emotional level. We listen, ask questions, and do it. We try to break things down to the simplest form and then work the way up to better understanding of the complex whole. Our strategy is to develop convincing images that will motivate the target group.

Voynex offers the following design services:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) design for client-server and web based software
  • Design of the software application's icons and bitmap images
  • CD covers
  • Business cards
  • Logo design
  • Brochure and catalog layout
  • Interactive presentation
  • Company presentation
  • Opening animation
  • Web pages with Audio and Video
  • Online educational tutorials
  • Product tutorial, lessons and demos
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