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Data Management

Data Management Services

All business applications have a "mind". Without one, there would be no ability to predict, track, analyze, or plan. This "mind" then must play an important role in the development and expansion of a business and it's applications. This can not be more true.

Like anything, there are wrong ways to do something and there are right ways to do something. If the "mind" of an application is not wired correctly, it can cause a lot of false information which can undoubtedly cost time and money. The relatively small investment during the development stages can make all the difference in speed, accuracy of data and easy modifications and enhancements in the future.

Voynex leads the market in providing high quality data managing services that deliver cost effective solutions.

Data Architecture Design and Analysis

Using information effectively is vital to the success of any business. Over the years, companies have invested heavily in information technology in hopes of gaining greater efficiency and a competitive advantage. Many businesses now find themselves awash in data, but still failing to gain the desired business insights. In order to leverage information technology strategically, companies also must formulate an enterprise data strategy that outlines how to leverage raw data into cohesive business information.

Voynex can help your organization harness corporate data more effectively. Our specialists can analyse, design and establish an effective enterprise data architecture that can yield better business information at a lower cost.

Data Integration and Migration

The explosion in data and applications is making it harder, not easier for most organizations to access and to utilize information effectively. In order to channel a growing torrent of corporate data, companies must establish an effective enterprise data integration strategy that dictates how raw data can be transformed into useful business information.

Optimize growth potential by aligning business needs with changing technology. Legacy data systems can hamper productivity. Voynex can convert your valuable data and applications to scalable technologies and architectures which can keep pace with the changing needs of business.

Database Administration

Relational databases power virtually every critical enterprise application today. The largest corporations often rely on thousands of databases to operate their businesses. As businesses become more dependent on database technology, so too does the need to establish bulletproof database administration practices that ensure the availability, performance and security of critical databases. We understand what it takes to make databases work for your business allowing your company to manage Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and Sybase databases from a central console.

Performance Management

Every IT professional knows how difficult it is to keep enterprise applications and databases performing at high levels, especially as usage and data volumes grow over time. Slow response times can cause poor customer service levels or even lost business. Due to the potentially dire consequences of poor performance, every IT organization must remain vigilant in detecting and correcting bottlenecks before they reach a critical stage.

Voynex not only finds performance problems, but also fixes them. Over the years, we have acquired deep domain expertise in troubleshooting database problems that can undermine application performance. Using cutting-edge performance management solutions helps us to recognize developing bottlenecks, to pinpoint their cause, and to correct offending code before they impact business.

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