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WMS Guard



Windows Media Services (WMS) enables you to stream multimedia content over networks that range from low-bandwidth, dial-up Internet connections to high-bandwidth, local area networks.

Voynex WMS Guard is WMS plug-in which extends the functionality of the WMS. With the help of the WMS Guard it is possible to

  • restrict access to the media files and live content
  • prevent hotlinking to the streaming media content
  • authorize clients against the database
  • get statistical information about streaming media

WMS Guard is extremely useful for statistics gathering and billing. It supports the following billing schemes: pay-per-time (pay-per-minute), pay-per-connection (pay-per-view), pay-per-title (pay-per-movie), Pay-per-traffic, One-on-One (exclusive access)

More then that, you can bill clients using your own custom billing scheme. Example: client purchases exclusive access to the media stream with the time restriction. This billing scheme can be implemented by writing custom authorization script.

Using WMS Guard you can easily obtain and process various statistical information on the streaming media such as: URL of the streaming content, client IP address, HTTP referrer, etc.

Voynex WMS Guard can save all statistical information, warnings and error messages in the log file.


  1. Authorization.
    1. URL of the streaming content
    2. client IP address
    3. HTTP referer*
  2. Statistics.
    1. URL of the streaming content
    2. client IP address
    3. HTTP referrer*
    4. count of bytes sent to client
    5. media playback duration
    6. total streaming duration including time needed for buffering
  3. Logging.
    1. statistical information
    2. authorization attempts
    3. plug-in and network errors
  4. Configuration.
    1. log level
    2. maximum size of the log file
    3. URL of the gateway server
    4. format of the request to the getaway

* The referrer, or HTTP referer, identifies the address of the web page which links to it. By checking the referrer, the new page can see where the request came from. Referrer logging is used to allow websites and web servers to identify where people are visiting them from, for promotional or security purposes.

System architecture

System in general works as shown on the Conceptual scheme:

system architecture

When website visitor clicks the link to the media content (example mms://www.videoserver.net/movie.asf?ticket=123), media player connects to media server and opens stream for playing. WMS Guard is notified on this event and sends request to the web server. This request includes URL of the streaming media, client IP address and other information. Gateway sends to the plug-in the service type and number of purchased time units. Basing on the response of the gateway WMS Guard tells WMS to grant or to deny the access to the media content.

When client stops playback, media player on the client side disconnects itself from media stream. WMS Guard plug-in is notified on disconnection event and sends statistics to the gateway.

Detailed explanation of the interconnection between the plug-in and the gateway is described in Voynex WMS Guard Protocol Specification.

System requirements

Web Interface

Operating System Required

  • Microsoft Windows Server family OS
  • Unix family OS

Software Required

  • Web server
  • PHP 4+
  • MySQL

Disk Space Required

  • Less than 1 Mb

Windows Media Services Plug-in

Operating System Required

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, Datacenter, x64 Editions
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise, Datacenter, x64 Editions
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Web, Standard, Enterprise, x64 Editions

Software Required

  • Microsoft Windows Media Services 9 Series

Disk Space Required

  • Less than 1 Mb


  • idesitv.com - this is a real website of our customer. iDesiTV is the home of South Asian TV channels, movies, TV serials and sporting entertainment. iDesiTV uses Voynex WMS Guard to protect the streaming content from the so called "hot linking". Protected streams can be viewed only in the media player embedded on the website of the content owner. So other websites cannot re-broadcast the content. Standalone media players are also denied access to the content.


If you have Windows server and would like to try Voynex WMS Guard, then download the latest trial version of Voynex WMS Guard which corresponds to your system:

Download Voynex WMS Guard (for x86 platforms).
Version 2.4 (mguard-2.4-demo.exe, 350KB)
Download Voynex WMS Guard, x64 Edition (for x64 platforms).
Version 2.4 (mguard-x64-2.4-demo, 360KB)

Demo version will work for 30 days. After that WNMS will display an error when enabling the plug-in.

Installation istructions contains the detailed information on how to install the software and enable Voynex WMS Guard WMS plug-in.

After WMS plug-in has been installed and enabled you can use Voynex WMS Guard's web interface to test the protection. Read Voynex WMS Guard Web Interface Guide on how to configure authorization methods and test the protection.

If you have any questions, please contact support. Our support specialists will help you to install and configure the software. More then that, if you can provide us with the remote desktop access to your server, we can install Voynex WMS Guard to your server remotely at no cost!


Pricing and Discounts

Product Cost Quantity
WMS Guard 495 USD 395 USD*

* Limited time offer.

It is a one time fee only, no recurrent billing fees. License is issued per server.

Voynex has a great discounts for the wholesale clients: 2nd and next licenses cost just 295 USD (you save 100 USD per license)!

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for e-goods and services provided by Voynex LLC. You can pay using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, E-check and many other payment options.


If you do not have Credit Card or PayPal account you can also pay by Wire transfer, Skrill, Liberty Reserve etc. Please contact sales for the details on the above payment methods.

WMS Guard software is not a complete website but a tool to add protection of the streaming content and billing services to the website. Although WMS Guard has no embedded functionality to perform payment operations or manage user accounts, these and many other features can be easily integrated with the product.

Installation package contains documentation which can help you to create your own authorization and billing scripts or integrate billing plug-in into the existing system.

If you don't have a website or your would like to add media streams billing functionality to the existing one, we offer professional web solution for WMS Guard plug-in to save your time - web interface allowing to manage users, media streams, automate billing processes and manage the whole website. Please contact our sales department for additional details.

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