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  1. Introduction
  2. How It Works
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  4. System requirements
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There is no need to explain what is spam and how annoying it can be. If you left your real e-mail address on a public forum, blog or newsgroup you will became a victim of SPAM. Sooner or later e-mail harvesting robots crawling the internet will find your email address and add it to their database.

The same story is with the contact e-mail addresses written on your website. Webmasters and administrators are suffer from a great amount of SPAM e-mail messages.

Anti-spam filters do not solve the problem completely because spammers are very inventive in finding ways to trick the filtering software. So the most effective method is to hide your e-mail address from e-mail harvesting robots.

The most widely spread method to do it is to transform e-mail address so only human can read it. For example, instead of writing real e-mail address brandon@domain.com write slightly encrypted one - brandon[at]domain.com or brandon(-kills-spammers)@domain.com.
Another approach is to represent e-mail address not as a text but as image.

Above methods are quite effective but there is a significant disadvantage - User needs to edit E-mail address so it will became usable. It is not possible to to send a mail by clicking it.

Voynex has developed an anti-spam solution allowing to protect e-mail addresses and make this protection transparent for the website visitor.

How it works

Voynex Email Guard script is designed to protect e-mail addresses on the website from the e-mail harvesting software and to make this protection transparent (invisible) for the website visitor. User still can click, copy and paste e-mail address and does not know that e-mail address on the website is encrypted.

As you already know, to protect e-mail address it has to be unreadable for the robots. For example mailto:brandon@domain.com can be encrypted like this: mail_to_brandon_at_domain.com or just brandon_at_domain.com. Voynex Email Guard will make this address readable again for the website visitor, but not for the e-mail harvester.


Our e-mail protection software is a small JavaScript run by the web browser on the client computer. The script transforms e-mail addresses written in a special way to their normal form.

The key advantages of the script are:

  • Very simple installation and use
  • Transparent for the website visitor
  • Search tokens are configurable
  • Target tags to transform are configurable
  • If JavaScript is disabled human still can recognize email address
The difference from the similar anti-span solutions:
  • Easy to install and use
  • Works very fast, seamless for the user, no noticeable blinking/delays
  • Replacement tokens are configurable

System Requirements

Voynex Email Guard works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Netscape, Safari web browsers


This is e-mail address how it is seen by the e-mail scraper or e-mail harvester software:
<a href="brandon_at_voynex.com">brandon_at_voynex.com</a>

And this is the same e-mail address how it is seen by users:

The script transforms encrypted e-mail address to its normal form.


Download Voynex Email Guard version 4.0
Zip archive (< 9KB)

Script is available at no cost and delivered as Open Source software. Free for non-commercial use.

Download PAD file of Voynex Email Guard anti-spam JavaScript.

Users Guide

Voynex Email Guard is simple to use. You just need to add the following code to the head of your HTML document:

	<script type="text/javascript" src="vx.email-guard.js">
	<script type="text/javascript">
		function LoadTools()

Note: you need to add this code to every HTML page which you want to protect or to the template of the pages.


Paid support is available for this product. Please contact our support department if you have any questions or suggestions.

If you have no time to install Voynex Email Guard, we can do it for you. The cost of the installation depends on the request and usually is just $5.

Request Installation of Email Guard Now!

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