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  1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. Usage
  4. System requirements
  5. Demo
  6. Download
  7. Support


Voynex JavaScript calculator is a browser application designed to evaluate mathematical expressions. The main difference of Voynex Calculator from other calculators: it is possible to enter the whole expression at once instead of entering it step by step. For example Voynex Calculator can evaluate expressions like this:

		x=pow(4,5)+3; 3*x+log(x)

Voynex Calculator can evaluate JavaScript expressions of any complexity. Wide set of mathematical functions allows to calculate trigonometrical, logarithmic and other math expressions.

Desktop version gives you a powerful calculator superseding standard Windows Calculator.


  • Mathematical Functions
    • Trigonometric - sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan
    • Logarithmic - log, lg, ln, 10x, ex
    • Power - x2, x3, yx, square root
    • Factorial
    • Random number
  • Numeric systems
    • Hexadecimal numbers
    • Octal numbers
    • Conversion between numeric systems
  • Statistics Calculator
    • Number of values
    • Minimum
    • Maximum
    • Range
    • Sum


This section explains how to use Voynex Calculator.

The user interface of the calculator consists of input area, result output, control panel, arithmetic and math panels.

Arithmetic panel contains buttons with digits and arithmetic operations. Math panel is used to enter trigonometric, logarithmic and other mathematical functions. Arithmetic and mathematical panels can be turned on/off by clicking the corresponding check box on the control panel.

To enter expression type the numbers, arithmetic symbols, JavaScript functions on your keyboard or click the corresponding buttons on the Arithmetic panel.

Press <Enter> or click "EVAL" button to calculate expression.

When new expression is calculated, the result of the last one cleared from the display automatically.

It is possible to input multiline expressions. Press <Ctrl+Enter> to enter the new line.

System Requirements

Online and desktop implementations of Voynex Calculator use JavaScript, so it cannot run if your browser has JavaScript disabled, or in the unlikely case that your browser does not support JavaScript.


Open online version of Voynex Calculator. View screen-shot of the downloadable desktop version.

Online calculator is designed to run directly in your browser, without the need to download software to your PC. The online version is useful if you are not able or do not wish to download and install any software.


Voynex calculator is available at no cost and delivered as Open Source software. Free for non-commercial use.

Voynex Calculator is designed for everyday use. It is implemented in the form of the HTML Application (HTA) and shipped as zip archive or self-installable package. Archive can be used if you do not want to install any software on your computer. Just extract archive content and run .hta or .html file. Installer creates calculator's shortcut on the Windows desktop and entry in the Start/Programs Menu.

Download Voynex Calculator version 2.1
Windows Installer (< 1 MB) Zip Archive (< 100 KB)

Download PAD file of Voynex Calculator.

Changes, bug fixes and versions history of Voynex Calculator are recorded in changelog.


Please contact our support if you have any questions or suggestions.

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