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Software Development

Web Imager


This is an Internet integrated lightweight pictures viewer. Internet integration means the following: application eliminates difference between browsing images on the local computer and internet sites.

When navigating folders on the computer user sees images thumbnails containing in the folder. Additional info like file name, size, etc is displayed to. Actually user is viewing web pages generated by the application on-the-fly. Web pages created using customizable templates which can be modified by users.

When user surfs web pages, application extracts all images placed on the page and displays their thumbnails. The most innovative thing here is that web site is added to the folders tree like a new drive. Instead of the folders tree a structure on the web site is displayed. So user can easily navigate through the web pages using directory tree.

Features list

  • browse images on the local machine and remote web sites
  • image types supported: jpeg, gif, tiff, png, bmp
  • easy local computer and web sites navigation
  • display modes: file list or images thumbnails
  • folders filtering - display only folders which contains files of the given types
  • upload files to the Web server via HTTP protocol

Technical details

Application has a small size due to the Windows components re-usage. Internet Explorer's Engine used for image viewing, Shell for files browsing and directory tree navigation.

Distributed Passwords Recovery


"Distributed Password Recovery" (DPR) is a unique approach to password recovery. DPR presents a Client-Server architecture that can harness the combined computational power of an entire network to analyze and recover password protected or encrypted materials in the shortest time possible. The DPR consists of two distinct and complimentary applications in a 2 tier model, making use of a single Manager (Server) and a number of Clients (Nodes). Coordinating the password recovery or decryption process, the DPR Manager splits the task into a number of manageable elements that are distributed to the Clients.

DPR uses loadable task solve module (TS-module) for passwords recovery. Task solve module contains algorithm of the passwords recovery for the given cryptographic algorithm. These modules are loaded by the client for the period of task solving. DPR manager checks, is the necessary module installed at DPR client. If yes, task data transfer begins, else the manager sends client the library containing the TS-module and the client installs and loads received module. The manager can replace and remove TS-modules also.

Features list

  • Two tier model of the system: one Server, which manages a number of Clients
  • Server supports a variable number of clients
  • Manager distributes task among connecting clients
  • Dynamic change and scheduling of the task priority
  • Automatic redistribution of a task among clients in case of a critical error, or infringement of connection with one of clients
  • GUI for task and plug-ins management
  • Manager and clients logging system

Technical details

DCOM is used for components communication. System uses run-time dynamic linking for TS-modules loading. Client and manager built utilizing open architecture model. Use of an open architecture principle allows to extend DPR system functionality and add passwords recovery for various file formats.

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