Voynex Time Shift System Configuration Guide

  1. Create source publishing point. It is the broadcast publishing point which will receive the stream from encoder. Example: channel1_src.
    Publishing point properties:
    1. Set the source to encoder pull
    2. Enable archiving for this publishing point: Properties -> Archiving -> WMS Archive Data Writer.
      According to the name of the publishing point the archiving directory will be set to C:\WMPub\WMArchive\channel1_src.
    3. Set the "Start archiving when publishing point starts" property of the WMS Archive Data Writer plug-in.
  2. Enable plug-in "WMS Archive Slicing Plug-in": Publishing point properties -> Event notification.
  3. Configure the plug-in:
    1. check restart archiving
    2. specify restart period
  4. Enable plug-in "WMS Archive Time Shift Data Source" (Server properties, check "Show all plug-in categories", Data source plug-ins).
  5. Configure the plug-in. Open the properties of the plug-in
    1. specify path to splash video file. It will be playing while the time shift value is not reached. Short file recommended.
  6. Create a server-side playlist for the timeshifted publishing point and add one item to it.
    	Item is arcdir://path?delay=N&delta=M&remove=flag, where
    	path = the path to the "WMS Archive Data Writer" plug-in's store directory.
    	delay = time shift value (minutes)
    	delta = maximum allowed correlation from the delay (seconds).
    		Thus Timeshift = delay +/- delta. Minimum value of the delay is 10 (seconds).
    	remove = remove file after playback. Possible values:
    		0 = keep the file,
    		1 = remove the file after playback,
    		older = remove the currently played file (after playback) and all previously played files (troubleshooting option)
    	<?wsx  version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            		<media src="arcdir://E:\wmpub\WMArchive\arc1?delay=N&delta=M&remove=flag"/>
  7. Create destination (timeshifted) publishing point. It is the broadcast publishing point which will be available to the end users and will stream a time delayed content.
    Publishing point properties:
    1. Set the source to playlist.
    2. Loop the playlist.