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Business Philosofy

Business philosophy

Our Product Sales Philosophy. We want you to be satisfied and happy with the software you purchase from Voynex. To that end, we offer a ninety (90) days warranty and a 30 day, 10% restocking refund policy. Please let us work with you to resolve any problems you may have with our products.
Our software use state-of-the-art technology and have the small size, low resources consumption, and outstanding versatility to make them ideal for use in a variety of applications. We can also customize these modules to more closely fit your needs.

Our Product Development Philosophy. We believe that well thought out, well planned development projects can be successfully completed on tight schedules when knowledgeable people, realistic milestones and properly managed teams of client and consultant are brought together. This basic approach is older and more proven than concurrent engineering. We meet our development milestones by ensuring maximum communication and minimum duplication of effort, and by using self-directed, self-motivated, and creative people. We believe in an absolutely honest, open and forthright approach with our clients. We may sometimes be very frank - but we get things done!

Pre-Project. To solidify understanding of the client's project, Voynex normally works under a short-term purchase order for an initial 20 to 50 hour period. During this period, feasibility studies may be done or various options explored. Following this step, a preliminary proposal is written for the client, which covers scope of the project, product specifications, design approach, estimated hours, and proposed deliverables. After the client has reviewed the project proposal, contractual matters are settled and the project is initiated.

Project Kick-off. An initial specification, proposal and milestone schedule review is held to go over important points. At this review, client and Voynex's points of contact for technical details and contractual matters are agreed upon. Following this review, project work begins.

Project Progress Reviews. Regularly scheduled informal and formal progress and/or design reviews, as agreed upon during the kick-off phase, are the principal method for ensuring detailed communication between Voynex and the client. These reviews allow the client to monitor and effectively manage all Voynex's technical efforts. If changes to technical specifications or scope of work are ever required, these reviews provide the forum for open and complete discussion of alternatives.

Project Completion and Continuing Support. Once the project is completed, final design and test program reviews have been held, and agreed-upon deliverables have been submitted by Voynex, the client may choose to retain Voynex in some ongoing support role. In this case, Voynex and the client will ordinarily execute a separate contractual arrangement covering the desired supporting role(s).

Rates, Fees, and Royalties. Various fee arrangements can be made to accommodate most clients. Most initial project efforts are done by the hour, at competitive hourly rates. Project development is ordinarily billed as time and material. Voynex can also enter a performance-based contract where initial front-end non-recurring charges (such as project design and development) are amortized over the production life of a product and Voynex is provided with an initial working payment, progress payments at a lower hourly rate, and then participates on a license/royalty fee basis.

Payment / Quality / Satisfaction Guarantee. Payment terms and arrangement are usually established during the pro-project phase. Client satisfaction and later recommendation is our most important goal. Voynex strives to ensure client satisfaction with all our efforts and guarantees that our job is not done until the client is happy with us.

Contractual Documents. We can work under a purchase order arrangement or under a contract. Review our pattern contract and non-disclosure agreement, or send us a draft of your own documents.

Privacy. We respect your privacy. See our privacy policy for complete details.

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